Monday, January 25, 2010

1/28/10: Winter Storm Heading our Way?...

A winter storm system is moving its way to western north Texas and most of Oklahoma. The recent model runs are forecasting almost 10in for the Wichita Falls area! Here is the NWS winter weather watch and a quick briefing of the situation. If this could pan out it has the potential for record breaking snowfall amounts. Not to mention, very hazardous driving conditions on Thursday. Time to stock up on firewood and break out the wassail!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Itching for a Chase...

A radar grab from a supercell thunderstorm near Canton, TX.
You can see an impressive hook echo and a healthy core on this storm.

These past few weeks the US has seen some crazy weather situations. From blizzard conditions in the north to tornadoes in California and SE Texas, the effect of El NiƱo has been seen throughout the country. Of course none of this is happening towards the area I live in. However, we have been seeing some local thunderstorm activity. While it is probably not anything chase worthy, it is always nice to practice. Here are two recent “chases” from this week. Hopefully the actual season will start up soon.

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A weak cold front arrived to the Texas panhandle around sunset and spawned off this little cell.

Not an impressive looking storm, but tall enough to where it might produce some lightning.

Radar image of this little storm.

The storm dies out and I head back home. But more storms are brewing in Hardeman and Childress counties. As the cold front advances more storms pop up on radar and I decide to get a few lightning shots.

Later that night the storms make their way toward Wichita county. *My GPS signal is that little circle with the dot in the center*

This photo was taken close to the previous radar image. This was looking west as the storm moves toward Iowa Park.

The storm is closer now and I can see the edge of the shelf cloud. It moves NE out of my path.

Shelf Cloud

Just to my NE now and I am just to the south of the updraft region.

Under the main updraft region.

All in all, not to shabby for my first "chase" 2010.


Another day of "chasing". This time however, there was actually some instability. The day started out cloudy and drizzly. We were issued a slight risk for severe weather, but all the cloud cover limited thunderstorm development until later in the afternoon. This was another local chase.

Mesoscale Discussion issued for my target area

Isolated showers and virga in Iowa Park.

Radar grab you can see the storms to the south.

On my way south towards Archer City, TX. These are two cells that were heading my way.

Between Archer City and Wichita Falls at this time. Note how a storm SW of Wichita Falls pops up on radar.

This storm is still pretty far away and the Wichita Falls storm is intensifying. I dump this storm and head back to Wichita Falls. Which was a mistake this storm later dropped quarter sized hail in Graham, TX where it reached better moisture.

I get back on the Wichita Falls storm and get caught on 287 in the storms core.

Driving on 287 N and heading right into the core of this storm. You can see the rain shaft in the left portion of the photo.

Right in the core now. Heavy rain and pea-sized hail lasted for a few minutes. Not to mention lots of CG lightning, which I am unable to photograph.

Satellite and Radar image during the "core punch".

I get out of the Wichita storm and head back to Iowa Park. I stop at the Country Chapel and wait for the sun to come out. I had a feeling there would be a pretty spectacular rainbow.

No lightning photos at all, but I still wouldn't call it a bust. I've got the adrenaline, the desire, and I've got (some) knowledge. All I need now is the storms.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Weather...

Our winter season has been very interesting so far. We had near blizzard conditions during Christmas Eve and we experienced Arctic weather this past week. In fact, according to the NWS the only other time it was this cold was back in 2005! Normal season temperatures are returning on Sunday, so I will be getting out to shoot some wildlife. 2010 looks like it could be a very nice year. Here are some captures of the snow and ice here we experienced in Iowa Park.

Thanks for viewing!

A very large icicle hangs from the roof. It fell shortly after I took this photo.

I used my cross screen filter for this photo.

My shadow and I out on Christmas morning taking

pictures of the snow.

My cousin Audra takes advantage of the snow

and constructs a "Snow Swan".

Ice at Middle Lake.

The whole lake was under a sheet of ice.

The blustery wind gusts and below freezing temperatures

created these very photogenic ice formations.

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