Saturday, August 23, 2014

RIP Nikon D50...

What do most teenagers save up for when they get a job? A car? Motorcycle? Truck? The first time I came up with enough cash to purchase something significant for my young adolescent life I invested. I didn't invest into stock or anything, but I invested in myself. I had always said I wanted to be a photographer and at this point I didn't have the equipment I wanted for the profession. I was currently using Kodak DX6490 ultra zoom camera. This thing boasted a 10x optical zoom (38-380mm), a 2.0" TFT display, and a whopping 4.0 megapixel sensor. It was a good learning camera and I quickly outgrew it. I would spend time playing with the limited settings the camera would offer and try to hone my photography skills. But I put my first $1000 into a DSLR camera--the real cameras! I spent a good while researching between the Canon, Nikon, and Pentax models. I finally opted for a Nikon. Nikon just always sounded more professional to me anyways. I took the money I had saved up and bought my first DSLR a Nikon D50. What I didn't realize yet was this camera would be the catalyst for my photography "career" and would ignite a creative spark inside me to explore and discover the world through a "true" camera lens. This camera would be attached to me for the next four years and with this camera I would win contests, get a scholarship, and even receive my first publication in a national magazine

Moonrise at Wichita Mountains. This image was published in the 2007 Summer edition of Nature's Best Photography Magazine. 

  I purchased the camera through an online retailer. I bought the deluxe package which included a Nikkor 28-80 G f/3.5-5.6 lens, a Nikkor 70-300 G 4-5.6 lens (which I still have), a 2GB SD memory card, and an extra battery all for $1000.  In October of 2005 I got my Nikon D50 and I used it until March of 2009 when I upgraded to a Nikon D300. It has been passed along for family and friends to use it and it has finally returned back to me here in 2014. Unfortunately it has a problem with the shutter and is no longer operational. I got an email from the servicing center today stating that the camera has reached "EOL (end of life) and parts are no longer available. I will keep this camera with me for nostalgia. I put a total of 30,849 shutter clicks on the body and it served me well. Even though I get newer cameras with all this fancy new technology the D50 will still be a very special camera to me. I've decided to commemorate it by posting some photos captured by this camera. R.I.P. Nikon D50 DSLR...

 My first lightning capture---ever!

New York trip 2006

Texas Moonrise. This was my first 1st place winner.
Still one of the craziest lightning shots I've captured. 


Beautiful moonrise...

Self portrait with my poker stuff!

Your's Truly with my Nikon D50

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